I love LEGO. It was always too expensive for my parents to buy when I was young so I guess I’m making up for it now.
I’ve bought several sets* for when my son is old enough to appreciate and play with them. There are some though that I doubt I’ll ever let him touch.

This is one of them:



This is apparently the biggest set that LEGO make/made (over 5000 pieces).  It took me about a year to build as I had to schedule it around times when my 1 year-old son was not around to eat the blocks.  The set includes 5 minifigs – Han, Chewbacca, Luke, Leia and Obi-wan. It’s around 90cm wide so the only place to put it is on one of my office filing cabinets (there’s no room at home!)




The top canopy/gun turret comes off revealing a minifig sitting in the seat.




Battle on Hoth sets complement the scene..




*I will test build them for him in the meantime.