WWDC Day 0

bzzzzap transmission begins

Started off on a coach trip organised by the AUC.  After a brief wait in the hotel foyer with the mac-labbers,


first stop was Frys Electronics which is apparently one of the biggest electrical retailers in the US.


I bought a few goodies – my noise cancelling headphones got damaged on the flight over (by me, I must have drifted off and woke with a start when someone coughed – this lead to me knocking the adapter in the headphone socket and shearing the end off), so I decided the flight back would be a nightmare without them.  Cheap $49 Sony ones will do. PS3 games aren’t region coded so a game I was after presented itself to my credit card. Annoyingly, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was out, but unfortunately Wii games are region locked so I’ll have to wait until July in Aus for it. I bought a strategy guide for it that was cheap though.

Moving on to the Computer History Museum. I’d been here before so I wasn’t so snap happy “oooh.. a disk platter… ooooh, look space war” as last time.  It was slightly disappointing that the bulk of the museum was undergoing significant renovations, but it looks like when it’s complete it will be quite amazing. Maybe if I get to go to wwdc 2012? The chief interest for most patrons is the Difference Engine No. 2, a working implementation of one of Charles Babbage’s designs.  Watching the polynomial calculation progress is quite fascinating, ticking over the different spools, cogs whirring, platters going up and down and passing a carry across. The machine is on loan to the museum by some Microsoft executive who commissioned the device to be built.  His house is not big enough to display the 5+ tonne monster, so it’s on loan until he builds a new room to house it.  If that doesn’t scream extravagance, what does?


Last up was the Company Store, a store at Apple headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop that sells Apple-branded items. I didn’t intend to spend any money here but they sucker you in and take your credit card at the door, giving it back when you depart after some hypnotic episode where you discover you’ve spent $92US.  Maybe it’s the Steve Jobs distortion effect that’s infused into all the buildings making you think an Apple-branded mug is a must have item. As is a pen. And a travel mug. And a t-shirt. sigh..


The coach tour ended by dropping us of at the conference venue, Moscone West, to register for the conference.  The only conference goody this year is a baseball-style jacket with WWDC blazoned across the front, and “10” on the back, which replaces a satchel and t-shirt from previous years.  Rumour has it they’ll be giving away iPhone 4 during the conference, the chances of which I rate as high as me becoming the next King of England*.


Next transmission begins perhaps from the queue waiting for the keynote – if there’s a wifi signal outside the moscone.  Our plan is to start queuing at 4:00am for the 10:00am start.  Anecdotal evidence suggests this isn’t keen enough and we’ll actually be at the end of the queue, but I’m thinking that’s apple-fanboy enough keen-ness for me.

*(my parents are english so mayhap my heritage doth include some royalty, a bastard son of a court dalliance etc. Maybe even the Flemish traders who were perhaps my ancestor’s precursors might have raided a few villages to claim some form of monarchical right to the throne.. who knows – it’s still a slim chance :-P)


bzzzzap transmission begins