There was only really a 1/2 day today with sessions ending around midday-ish. As a consequence I did a few touristy things, mostly walking.

Stupidly, I walked from my hotel (marker “E” on the map below, Second St) to “Japantown” , marker B, where google had told me there’s a good anime shop called Japan Toys.
Aghghg. Around 1 hour of walking later (I stopped at the Apple Shop (near 4th st and Powell) to browse along the way) I got to the shop, only to discover they’re mainly into web distribution and so didn’t really have much in the way of stock.

All up I walked at least 10km. Distances are deceptive – “only a couple of blocks” is actually a fair distance!


To put things into scale, the second image shows the distance in contrast to the whole peninsula.


A cathedral along the way…


Japantown approaching


A peace pagoda made of concrete at Japantown


Powell St with obligatory trollycar.


Entrance to China Town


Tomorrow is my last day in the USA so I plan to bike ride along the top of the peninsula (Fisherman’s wharf etc) across the Golden Gate Bridge and on to Sausalito, catching a ferry back.