I had a slightly bizzarre episode with the hotel reception.  I wanted to get some milk to have with instant coffee when in my room (there’s a kettle, instant coffee, spoons etc, but no milk).  Most other hotels I’ve ever stayed in usually either have a small carton of fresh milk or something like long-life (eg UHT) milk in one-serve-portions.  The reception clerk looked at me strangly and then conferred with her colleague.  “Have you had breakfast?”  err..  yes, I just came from breakfast from across the lobby. “ah, so you have had breakfast?” …  yes, I had breakfast. I just want some milk to have in my room with coffee.  Quizzical looks. Gestures that there’s milk in the restaurant to have with cereal. A 5 minute phone call to someone and they tell me it costs 35 RMB for milk (~$7) and they’ll bring it up.  Feeling stupid and not wanting to refuse it now for the fuss I caused, I go back to my room.  20 minutes later, a porter knocks on the door and hands over a shopping bag with a litre of milk (UHT!) in it.  They sent someone out to a nearby supermarket to buy the stupid crazy westerner some milk.  oh dear.


(image from iamnuts-babehui.blogspot.com)