Today I walked 1/2 way around West Lake in the last free day I have here. A common sight on the city side is to see and hear groups of people singing operatically, doing Tai Chi and then there are people doing calligraphy on the pavement with large brushes and just water.

It’s obviously autumn, the leaves have turned, everyone’s rugged up (except me, quite comfortable in just a tshirt). The lake has several man-made causeways and islands (from dredged silt) created in some places during the first millennium. The lake’s famous (in China) for ten poetic scenic places such as one island called 3 ponds that mirror the moon, two others are Two Peaks Piercing the Clouds, and Orioles Singing in the Willows.

After walking to the far northern shore, I took a ferry boat (45RMB, ~$10) to the 3 ponds mirroring the moon island. This basically is an island in the lake which has lakes (ponds) inside it. After that, back to start. Ok, here’s the food bit: on the island I bought some meat-on-a-stick ($1) from a vendor on the side of the path. It was ok, but I don’t know what the meat was (maybe pork). It reminded me of “cut-me-own-throat Dibbler” from Terry Pratchett’s discworld novels. 😛